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Teenagers: Reading

We want the classroom task to help students develop reading skills. This section contains suggestions to help you encourage your students to read in class.

Reading strategies for teenagers

  • Teenagers: Reading 1: Reading in class

    Type: Reference material

    Students who are faced with a text in class and asked to read it and answer questions often find the task difficult.

  • Teenagers: Reading 2: The reading task

    Type: Reference material

    Usually the task, quite often a set of questions on the text, is set by the teacher or is already in the course book.

  • Teenagers: Reading 3: Vary the tasks

    Type: Reference material

    Course books tend to set very similar tasks for reading. This gets very boring for students and some students may just not be very good at that task type but still be good readers. Here are some ideas to help you vary the tasks for your students.

  • Teenagers: Reading 4: Extensive reading

    Type: Reference material

    Reading in English is very good to help language development. Here are some ideas to encourage extensive reading.

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