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Geography animations

These animations and illustrated accompanying worksheets teach secondary students about key CLIL topics in geography: acid rain, the movement of the sea, the water cycle and secondary economic activity.

This section includes PowerPoint presentations – ideal for an interactive whiteboard or computer – featuring short, clear geography animations.

Along with each presentation, subscribers can download a worksheet and teacher’s notes with language support activities and ideas for whole class and group activities.

Read these PowerPoint technical hints and tips to help you use the presentations effectively.

Inside Geography animations

  • Sea action

    Author: Keith Kelly

    Teach students how load is carried along the sea shore by a process called ‘longshore drift’.

  • Acid Rain

    Author: Keith Kelly

    How do we define acid rain? What causes it? What damage does it do? Show students how acid rain is formed and the harm it does to our environment in this set of useful CLIL resources.

  • Secondary Economic Activity

    Author: Keith Kelly

    How does the manufacturing industry turn ‘inputs’ and ‘outputs’ into cold, hard cash? Learn all about the systems and stages involved in secondary economic activity in this animation with accompanying language support material.

  • The water cycle

    Author: Keith Kelly

    Demonstrate to the geography class how the water cycle works while teaching key subject vocabulary such as vapour, droplets, precipitation and condensation.

  • River action

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Animation, General lesson plan Staff Room

    Show students how ox-bow lakes are formed while teaching them key subject vocabulary such as meander, erosion and alluvium.

  • This restless Earth

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Animation, General lesson plan Staff Room

    Show your students how volcanoes are formed while teaching key subject vocabulary such as magma, lava and crater.

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