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Macmillan Education is very proud to bring you onestopclil. We hope that you will join our CLIL community, take part in the discussion forum and share your lesson ideas and plans. Each month Keith Kelly, editor of The CLIL Teacher Magazine, sums up what has been happening in the world of CLIL and guides you through the new material on onestopclil.

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Inside Editorials

  • Editorial: Focus on food

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Article

    In January’s editorial, Keith Kelly heralds the launch of Carol Read’s Amazing world of food with a tasty-looking selection of resources.  

  • Editorial: Focus on the seasons

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Editorial

    In December’s editorial, Keith Kelly celebrates the seasons in general by highlighting some weather-related worksheets and lesson plans from the CLIL back catalogue.

  • Editorial: Focus on culture in CLIL

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Article

    In November’s editorial, Keith Kelly looks at culture in CLIL and suggests resources to exploit this theme in the classroom.

  • Editorial: Focus on the CLIL 2010 Conference

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Article

    Keith Kelly reports from the CLIL 2010 Conference in Eichstätt and shares highlights of the event and related resources on the site.

  • Editorial: Focus on going back to school

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Article

    In September's editorial, Keith Kelly highlights key areas and resources on the site that will best prepare you for the academic year ahead.

  • Editorial: Focus on projects

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Article

    In July's editorial, Keith Kelly draws our attention to a vast array of project work to keep young minds busy in the summer months.

  • Editorial: Focus on world geography

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Article

    In June's editorial, Keith Kelly celebrates the launch of our new interactive atlas by drawing our eyes to the vast array of geographical materal on the site.

  • Editorial: Focus on news stories

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Article

    In May's editorial, Keith Kelly draws attention to materials relevant to the eruption of, and disruption caused by, the Icelandic volcano among other recent world news stories.

  • Editorial: Focus on listening

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Article

    In April's editorial, Keith Kelly highlights some of onestopclil's key listening resouces and previews this month's fresh content.

  • Editorial: Focus on Young Learners

    Author: Keith Kelly

    Keith Kelly presents a collection of resources for Young Learners, including space worksheets that can be coloured in, experiments involving building a sail-car of the future or a 360-degree periscope and the first part of the Amazing world of animals project, by author of the month, Carol Read.

  • Editorial: Art on onestopenglish

    Author: Keith Kelly

    Keith Kelly gets us in the picture as he talks about a new series on using art in the classroom and looks at a vibrant collection of creative activities to get your students into art.

  • Editorial: A new beginning

    Author: Keith Kelly

    In his inaugural address at onestopclil's new home, Keith Kelly celebrates the integration of onestopclil with onestopenglish.

  • Editorial: Climate change on the agenda

    In the last editorial of 2009 Keith Kelly looks at how the resources on onestopclil help students to understand and take part in the climate change debate.

  • Editorial: Getting hands on!

    Type: Reference material

    This month Keith explores the range of fabulous resources - new and old - that help learners learn by 'doing'. From practical experiments to presentations; whole class speaking activities to colouring and cuts outs - there's a lot to engage and excite your kinaesthetic learners.

  • Editorial: A focus on vocabulary

    In this month's editorial Keith Kelly takes you through the range of resources on onestopclil that help you support your student's subject-specific language development. He also reviews the new resources available this month.

  • Editorial: Keith Kelly's Onestop Tour

    To celebrate onestopclil's first birthday, Keith selects some of the best resources published last year. Navigating a pathway through the wealth of material from 'classroom resources' to 'theories and principles' to 'connecting with colleagues' this invaluable guide helps you to find out how you can get more from onestopclil.

  • Editorial: The CLIL Debate goes on

    June finds us coming to the end of the school year and tying together a number of questions and discussions in CLIL.

  • Editorial: CLIL's international appeal

    May is a full and varied issue with contributions from all over the world, demonstrating the true international and varied appeal of CLIL!

  • Editorial: Working with partners to bring people together!

    This April's CLIL Teacher magazine is packed with news, views and reviews from the IATEFL conference in Cardiff. Keith Kelly guides you through what's on offer this month.

  • Editorial: The big question - does CLIL complement or compromise ELT?

    In this Spring edition of onestopclil Keith Kelly talks us through this year's IATEFL debate on CLIL, what's new on onestopclil and ways to join in with our ever-growing CLIL community.

  • Editorial: A time to take part!

    In the first editorial of 2009, Keith Kelly encourages you to take part, and why not, you could win a terrific prize in the Lesson Share Competition!

  • Editorial: The Ingredients for a Happy CLIL Marriage

    Keith Kelly introduces this month's theme - marriage - and takes us through the highlights of this winter edition of CLIL Teacher magazine.

  • Editorial: Variety is the Spice of CLIL

    Keith Kelly gives an overview of what's new on the onestopclil site this month.

  • Editorial: A Busy Summer for CLIL

    Author: Keith Kelly

    Our resident CLIL expert Keith Kelly gives us an overview of the latest CLIL news.

  • Editorial: Welcome to CLIL Teacher magazine

    Keith Kelly welcomes you to the first edition of CLIL Teacher and explores what onestopclil has to offer.

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