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This ever-expanding section of onestopclil contains Geography resources with a dual focus on content and language.

Spot on news lesson: The world at your fingertips

Onestopclil geography resources include:

  • clear content and language learning objectives
  • input texts, maps, diagrams and photographs
  • vocabulary activities, writing and speaking frames
  • activities that help students apply concepts learnt
  • detailed teacher's notes
  • editable wordlists with example sentences
  • energy animations with worksheets

Most topics are presented at two levels of difficulty reflected in both the level of the language and complexity of the content. New topics will be regularly added to this area. Contact us to let us know which areas you are teaching and would like to see more resources for.

Try these FREE sample geography resources in your next CLIL class: Changes in Tourism in Western Europe, Urbanization and World Population, Renewable Energy Technologies and Geography Vocabulary.

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