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Resources for the history curriculum with integrated language support. Topic areas are presented at two levels of difficulty reflected in both the level of the language and the complexity of the content.

An antiquarian map of Europe

Onestopclil history resources include:

  • speaking activities
  • content and language learning objectives
  • reading texts, paintings, photographs and illustrations
  • writing and speaking frames
  • comprehension and vocabulary activities
  • detailed teacher's notes

FREE 'try before you buy' history resources: George Washington, The Cold War.

Inside History

  • oseindex teenagers time to travel

    A Time to Travel

    A Time to Travel is an audio adventure by Luke and James Vyner. Follow Amber and Naz as they time-travel through history.

  • Question Loop Speaking Activity: The Middle Ages: Secondary

    Staff Room

    Twenty-three question loops on terms associated with the Middle Ages including verbs such as capture, invade, conquer and rule, as well as nouns such as territory, plague, crusader and monarch.

  • Classical architecture vocabulary

    Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate Staff Room

    This series of exercises teaches fundamental architectural terms, from ‘cornice’ to ‘pedestal’, and details the origin and distinguishing features of the five Classical orders. Students label a diagram, match terms to their definitions, and identify the correct architectural order using a text description and an illustration.

  • History vocabulary

    Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate Staff Room

    Reinforce students’ knowledge of the Middle Ages while expanding their vocabulary. Students complete a timeline tracing the key events of the period, from the rise and fall of the Ostrogoths to the advent of the Holy Roman Empire and the spread of the plague. They then translate and match words to their definitions and fill in territorial maps.

  • The history of football hooliganism

    Staff Room

    A lesson plan about the long history of football hooliganism. Students can read about some of that history in this article on violent fans of the most popular game in the world.

  • Ancient Greece

    These resources explore ancient Athens: its organisations, institutions, and what Athenian democracy meant for a burgeoning population in one of the most powerful cities in Greece.

  • The Roman Empire

    Explore the Roman Empire at the time of its greatest expansion and discover how place names connect us to our Roman past

  • The Cold War

    The rivalry between the USSR and the USA dominated international affairs for decades. Students learn the reasons why in this range of CLIL resources.

  • The Russian Revolution

    The Russian Revolution brought an end to Tsarist rule in Russia. Meet the key players in this set of engaging worksheets.

  • The American Revolution

    Investigate the birth of the United States of America with this range of motivating worksheets

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