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Projects can help students to make their own choices about what they learn, involving different skills and promoting creativity.

The advantages of doing projects in the classroom are many:

  • Projects encourage cooperation and sharing.
  • They promote learner independence.
  • Project work is topic-based.
  • It involves research / questionnaires
  • They lead to a presentation.
  • They involve different skills.
  • They may be very creative and include artwork.
  • They cater for different learning styles and personalities. 
  • They require use of all language skills.

Projects can be presented as:

  • Wall displays
  • Posters
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Books
  • Radio broadcasts
  • TV programmes
  • Film
  • Documentary

As students get older, more independent and used to doing projects there can be less input from teachers. But often it is more convenient and effective to give students a framework for project work.

The following pages offer advice and suggestions for doing projects with teenagers in the English language classroom:

  • One World Magazine project

    Twelve writing activities which are all part of a project to make a magazine called 'One World'.

  • What is a project?

    Type: Reference material

    Some useful information on how to tackle projects with your students.

  • Desert island discs

    Type: General lesson plan

    A project based on the famous British radio programme Desert Island Discs.

  • Young designer of the year

    Type: General lesson plan

    A great project for the artistic, creative students in your class.

  • Avoiding projects

    Type: Reference material

    Some common reasons why teachers might avoid project work.

  • intergrated skills video

    Video projects

    A series of integrated skills lessons by Jackie McAvoy on recording and producing video and audio clips in the classroom.

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