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Topic-based materials for teaching teenagers

In this section you will find a range of topic-based materials from cultural news lessons and interactive games to webquests, projects and ideas for news-based lessons.

Why a topical or student-centred approach?

  • Teenagers are hard to please
  • Teenagers often do not like the materials that books provide
  • Teenagers enjoy rebelling against a prescriptive approach
  • Teenagers get bored quickly
  • Teenagers crave independence
  • Left to their own devices teenagers are often more responsible, cooperative and sensible than we give them credit for
  • Teenagers often have stronger opinions about life than many adults

So, in the following topic-based activities:

  • Teenagers set their own activities within a secure framework
  • Teenagers get to work in groups helping and teaching each other
  • Teenagers choose what to read
  • Teenagers get to set their own questions and goals
  • Teacher acts as a facilitator and co-learner 
  • Teenagers get to feel good about what they do know rather than feeling bad about what they don’t know

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