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Teenagers: Songs

Teenagers love listening to music. Here are some ideas for using songs in class.

Songs and music with secondary students (11+)

Why use songs and music with this age group?  

  • Children like songs and music and have strong personal preferences about what they like
  • Songs often include a lot of repetition that helps to make language memorable
  • Songs contain chunks of language that children can remember and use
  • There are many songs that are about issues of interest to this age group
  • Songs often contain current usages of language that are  meaningful to children of this age group
  • Because songs are sung at a reasonably fast speed they contain natural phonological features like linking and weak forms that students learn to recognise and be comfortable with
  • Music can help promote a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere in the classroom
  • Music can stimulate strong feelings that can be channelled to enrich the language learning experience  

Teaching with songs

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