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Teenagers: Limited resources

Lots of ideas for activities in the classroom that can be done with very limited classroom and school resources.

Hands up if you work in a school that has small classes, is well-equipped with all the latest high-tech equipment and there is lots of space in the classrooms to move around. My guess is that most of your hands have stayed down.

Large classes (over 40 students and sometimes as many as a 100), limited resources (only a course book that may be culturally inappropriate or too difficult), cramped classrooms and mixed ability students are the norm rather than the exception in schools around the world.

Teachers want to give their students variety and help them to learn English effectively, but so many nice ideas for language learning tasks seem impractical because of the lack of resources in schools.

So this month I am going to share some ideas for techniques and activities that do not require using a photocopier, overhead projector, television, video, tape recorder, supplementary materials or any other resource apart from the students, the furniture and space you already have and pencils and paper.

Teaching teenagers with limited resources

  • Teenagers: Limited resources: Classroom set-up A

    Type: Reference material

    There is very little room for children to get up or for the teacher to move around the class and students must work on their own. The class is dominated by the teacher (who works very hard) and students are very passive and probably restless too.

  • Teenagers: Limited resources: Classroom set-up B

    Type: Reference material

    By putting two desks together, students can easily work together, sharing ideas and peer teaching. This is very useful when your students are mixed ability as stronger ones can help those with problems.

  • Teenagers: Limited resources: Classroom set-up C

    Type: Reference material

    By moving four desks together, students can interact with each other but can still easily turn their heads to face the board and teacher.

  • Teenagers: Limited resources: Moving around

    Type: Reference material

    Children all love to get up and move around. It gives them a chance to use up spare energy, to refresh themselves if they have got tired or bored and to get actively involved in their learning.

  • Teenagers: Limited resources: Other ideas

    Type: Reference material

    More ideas to help you overcome the problems of teaching with limited resources.

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