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2020 weekly news lesson archive

The full archive of available weekly news lessons published in 2020.

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2020 news lessons

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Readers' comments (5)

  • Is it possible to send me an old Guardian lesson on Stela McCartney and fashion waste? pre-intermediate-intermediate level

    It would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Would love a lesson about Seniors coping with COVID-19 or even charities and COVID-19 or anything that's more current than Marmite.

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  • Hi,
    In order to ensure the quality of our materials, we carefully follow the publishing process. However, this means that it takes around a month between the publication of a news article and the publication of our lesson plans. Please keep an eye out for materials related to the current situation for example our lesson on the Tokyo Olympics.
    The onestopenglish team

  • I'm very happy to see the article on the Olympic Games being cancelled - it would be even better to have different levels of this. My main problem is that my pupils (we skype) have all spent time in the UK so their level of English is good but they are young so the content of some of the topics of the News items and the Topics is not suitable. For example, I wanted to do the Topic 'Family' until I read that one of the problems was a woman whose daughter was pregnant. This is not suitable for an 11-year oild boy. I think the News articles are great but some of the more recent ones eg women in a male-dominated workplace are not interesting for my pupils. In the past you had items of general interest such an American going down to the deepest part of the Marianas trenches.
    I would like more topics as well - they are very well constructed worksheets - as I have used most of the suitable ones.
    Sorry to rant! I love this sight in general.

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  • Hi,
    We will continue to work on a range of stories and levels of materials. This particular story is in our Elementary news stories. We are glad you are enjoying the materials and please keep a look out for more stories soon.
    The onestopenglish team

  • It would be great to have an article about the trials of working from home during the pandemic.

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  • Hi,
    We are aware of the need for this kind of material and are currently commissioning work. The way we maintain a high quality of lesson material is by following the publishing process but unfortunately, that process is not very fast.
    Please look out for new resources coming soon.
    The onestopenglish team

  • Very useful for conversation classes and vobaulary

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