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A guide to London, Live from London and other resources to help your class learn about the home of Onestopenglish.

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Let Lord Jeffrey lead you on a cinematic journey of discovery in A ghost’s guide to London, listen to authentic interviews from Trafalgar Square, King’s Cross, the South Bank and beyond in our brimming collection of Live from London lesson plans or meet some quirky characters in Tim Bowen and Liz Plampton’s marvellous mini-plays. Thanks to onestopenglish, London is only a click away …

A ghost's guide to London

Let Lord Jeffrey lead you through London's streets in Luke and James Vyner's thrilling listening lessons ...

A ghost's guide to London: A cinematic experience by Luke and James Vyner

A ghost's guide to London: Christmas special: Part 1

In the first part of this two-part special, students will learn about the Christmas lights of Oxford Street and practise listening for gist.

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Other London resources

Grammarman: Episode 21: Grammarman in London

In this episode, Grammarman and his friends go on a relaxing trip to London but an unexpected guest tags along. Can you find and replace the incorrect articles to help Grammarman and his friends? The answers can be found in the downloadable worksheet to the right of the page.

Find more mini-plays on British culture

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