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Whether you teach English to children, teenagers, business executives or CLIL (English medium) students, a subscription to onestopenglish will give you full access to over 9,000 resources, including worksheets, lesson plans, audio materials, games and teaching support – and we add new ones every week.

Below you’ll find free samples of our premium teaching resources so you can get a sneaky peek at what a subscription can offer you. And, if we convince you, simply click Subscribe now!

More skills-based resources

film and tv 100x100

Film and TV: Action movies

In this lesson, students practise speaking, listening and using new language about action movies.

ose everyday life 100x100

Everyday life: Food

In this lesson, students learn about countable and uncountable nouns and different types of food. 

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100 x 100

The magic cat: 1 – About me Video

A song video and related lesson resources on the topic of introductions, for beginner-level young learners.

food 100x100

Amazing world of food: Lesson 1: Where food comes from

In this lesson children identify food that is imported from other countries and describe where imported food comes from and how far it travels to get there. 

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banner 100 x100

Fun with IELTS: Broken telephone

A game to practise students’ one-time listening skills.

toptrumps london 100x100

Top Trumps London: Adult intermediate

In this lesson for adults, students speak about tourist attractions, learn vocabulary for describing attractions and practise the pronunciation of some famous places in London.

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ose live from 100x100

Live from London: First impressions Video

Set in Brixton, London, this video lesson includes authentic interviews with Londoners, talking about first impressions. 

Owl Hall: Episode 1: Arrival

In the first episode of this brand-new spooky serialization we meet Kara, her brother, Martin, and their mum, Janet, who are all travelling to the mysterious Owl Hall. You can download the mp3 file for Episode 1, plus a lesson plan (with student worksheets, full transcript and answer keys) written by Lindsay Clandfield and check out the website.

More resources for teenagers

digital criteria 100x100

Digital criteria: Introduction Video

The opening video and accompanying lesson idea in this series help you get to know your students’ digital lives.

first steps into 100x100

First steps into ... The ‘Four Cs’

Communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Daniel Barber introduces the ‘super skills’ that 21st century students can’t do without.

Grammar and vocabulary

100 x 100 alternative design

Language for ... informal conversations

This lesson focuses on types of informal conversations and key phrases within them, and contains detailed teacher’s notes, worksheets and an audio file.

months of the year 100x100

Flashcards: Months of the year

Flashcards showing the months of the year.

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Business and ESP

teaching for business 100x100

Business Basics: Ordering a service or product

In this lesson by Rosemary Richey, students practise language related to describing products and services in a sales context. Exercises include: completing information from an IT website, asking and answering questions, and writing a service profile.


Out of office

This lesson, based on an article from Business Spotlight magazine, is about how more employees are now working away from the office, also known as teleworking

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Macmillan Readers

ose series 100x100 sherlock

Sherlock: The Norwood Builder: Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, McFarlane bursts into Holmes’s apartment on Baker Street and begs him for help. The police are chasing him but he has just enough time to pique Holmes’s interest before Inspector Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, rushes in.

Earnest index

The Importance of Being Earnest: Part 1

The audio and activities for the first part of this upper-intermediate-level Macmillan Reader are now available for all onestopenglish users. In Part 1, Algernon receives a surprise visit from his good friend Jack, who has decided to declare his love for Algernon’s cousin. Before Algernon can agree to their marriage, he has one or two questions to ask.

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The Road Less Travelled Facebook group

The Road Less Travelled: Episode 1: The phone call

Katie gets a call from her cousin in California, inviting her to move there. Their conversation is interrupted when Katie’s boyfriend arrives home.

oseindex teenagers time to travel

A Time to Travel: Brazil: Lost in the rainforest

In this lesson, students will learn about the Amazon rainforest have a discussion about places they would like to visit.

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Roots: Geography

Keith Kelly provides a comprehensive lesson plan with both a language and content focus accompanied by an alphabetical list of root words used to form words commonly used in geography.


This is the perfect lesson plan to teach pupils about this famous explorer and his discovery of America.

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