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Grammarman: Episode 5: King Wrong

In this episode, explorer Claude Bottom introduces King Wrong to Verbo City, with disastrous consequences … Work out what King Wrong is trying to say and correct his bad grammar. The answers can be found in the downloadable worksheet to the right of the page.

Grammarman: Episode 5: King Wrong

Is this really the end for Alpha-Bot? Will Grammarman and Syntax save him from this monstrous situation?’ Join us next time to find out, grammar fans!

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Readers' comments (3)

  • Yikes! It's good to see that nothing gets past our eagle-eyed English teachers! We will fix this error as soon as possible. Georgebaz, could you be the next Grammarman sidekick?!

    Arlington Ebune-Nakeli, it's true that the Grammarman worksheets are really large. This one is 16MB, so it will take time to download if you have a dial-up or slow connection. We publish each episode of Grammarman as the image you can see here and we also reproduce it as a PDF. The PDF worksheet consists of the comic itself, plus the answers. Because Grammarman features detailed pictures and text, we need to keep the PDF high resolution, so it's a big file. However, if you can find the answers yourself, you may simply be able to show your students the webpage, rather than printing out copies. Would this work for you? Would you prefer us to publish the answers on a separate, smaller worksheet?

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  • The Grammarman hasn't caught one more error, in the title panel! there should be 'visitor' instead of 'vistor', one letter is missing. Did King Wrong eat it?

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  • I find grammarman really cool and it could be appealing to teenagers who like reading comics - 99% of the comics sold in Cameroon are in French.

    However, it takes ages to download the the worksheet. I've just been trying and about 45 minutes on, transferring is yet to be completed and I wonder why.


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