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ESP bank: Legal: The English constitution

Students practise a range of different skills in relation to the English constitution.

Aim: to practise the skills of:

  • prediction – about the English constitutional and judicial system
  • reading for specific information – to check predictions and understand aspects of the English constitutional system
  • guessing or selecting vocabulary – related to a text
  • speaking about their own constitution - in comparison to the English example

Level: Upper intermediate and above

Student profile: It is envisaged that students will have a better-than-basic knowledge of their own country’s legal and constitutional system.

Time: The lesson is in six stages and should take at least 90 minutes.

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Readers' comments (2)

  • Hello One Stop English Team,
    thanks for your answer but... I am teaching in a PhD course, legal English...I even asked a Professor of Constitutional Law and he also says that these answers are too cannot generate a discussion on answers that are not real answers...or you can, but at the risk of not being precise...many thanks once again, Veronica

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  • I find one stop english and incredible reference and help in general. Having said that, I think the lesson on the Consitution is somehow misleading, especially the first exercise on true and false. In order for students to more easily understand the T and F statements should include some adjectives that help in which way you mean the sentence, in general these statements are very broad. The power of the parliament is not illimited and the judiciary statement in the following text contains two contraddictory information. Can you please double check? Many many thanks, Veronica

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  • Hello Veronica,

    Thank you very much for your comment. Having checked this worksheet and teacher's notes, we feel that the answers are correct. As this is a worksheet for higher level students, the T/F statements are designed to be broad to thus generate thought and discussion.The statement which reads 'Parliament's powers are limited' is false, thus the two following statements are not contradictory to this.

    We hope this helps,

    Best wishes,

    The onestopenglish team

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