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Transport and communication

A varied selection of resources on media, transport, inventions and the economy, including worksheets created in collaboration with London's Science Museum.

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  • When was the wheel invented?
  • How many kinds of transport are there?
  • Where do doctors and nurses work?
  • When should you not use your mobile phone (other than in class)?

These are just a few of the questions answered in this selection of exciting worksheets.

Inside Transport and communication

  • What's at sea?

    Staff Room

    Which form of energy is moving the boat through the water? A lesson plan for young learners to find the boats powered by wind, humans and steam.

  • Air and water transport

    Staff Room

    This lesson plan highlights the similarities and differences between air and water transport.

  • Communication

    Staff Room

    A worksheet and lesson plan to teach about the different modes of communication, from the printing press to the computer.

  • Dot-to-dot plane

    Staff Room

    An activity sheet to join the dots to find out what’s flying through the air and then colour the picture.

  • Full steam ahead

    Staff Room

    Which train does the coal belong to? Learn about the earliest steam engines in this fun Science Museum activity.

  • Land transport

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn the history and characteristics of different means of land transport.

  • Means of transport

    Staff Room

    This lesson plan aims to teach the different types of transport and reinforce prepositions such as ’by’ and ’on’.

  • Old and new

    Staff Room

    This activity sheet teaches young learners how technology has changed as they match the new objects to their predecessors.

  • People and the economy

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn about different jobs while practising the present simple, singular and plural nouns and prepositions of place.

  • Road safety

    Staff Room

    This lesson plan reinforces road safety measures using the imperative.

  • Stephenson's rocket

    Staff Room

    Join the dots and then colour the picture to complete this 1829 prize-winning locomotive. (Answers available to download separately.)

  • The media: Communication

    Staff Room

    This lesson plan introduces the different types of media as well as expressions of time.

  • The media: Types of communication

    Staff Room

    In this lesson plan, pupils compare newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and the Internet.

  • Things that go!

    Staff Room

    Colour the pictures and fill in the blanks to learn about different modes of transport.

  • Using signs

    Staff Room

    Don’t pick the vegetables! In this lesson plan, pupils match health and safety signs to the appropriate places in a summer camp, and number sentences to match the signs to the correct instructions. Teaches young learners about using signs and symbols, while consolidating key vocabulary words such as ‘forest’, ‘swimming pool’ and ‘cabins’. Accompanying teacher’s notes provide suggested warm up discussion topics and unique project ideas.

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