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CLIL teaching tips

Practical advice and ideas from Keith Kelly on using video in class, and from Carol Read on integrating CLIL into the Primary Classroom. This section also features a CLIL factsheet and some useful tips and suggestions for helping students learn and practise vocabulary.

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  • CLIL - tips 1

    Author: Adrian Tennant

    Some advantages and disadvantages of teaching CLIL

  • CLIL - tips 2

    Author: Adrian Tennant

    Tips on fitting CLIL into the English classroom

  • CLIL - tips 3

    Author: Adrian Tennant

    Tips on integrating CLIL into the school English curriculum

  • CLIL - tips 4

    Author: Adrian Tennant

    Tips on creating your own CLIL materials

  • ose teachingtechnologies 100x100 generic

    Teaching technologies: Google fighting in the classroom

    Author: Jamie Keddie Type: Article

    Jamie Keddie provides a novel approach to using the Internet to research differences in language usage.

  • Teaching Tips: Working with words

    Author: Keith Kelly Staff Room

    Fantastic tips to help students learn and practise vocabulary

  • Working with words: Word of the week

    Students create a wall space or poster for difficult words or words of particular interest from the unit of work they are studying.

  • The Many Faces of CLIL

    This free factsheet from Uncovering CLIL provides a quick overview of the different educational approaches that come under this umbrella term. Includes background information on language showers and suggested activities.

  • Tips for using images in CLIL lessons

    These tips can be used with any images you have from course books, downloaded from the web, taken from magazines or drawn yourself.

  • Teaching Tips: Content-based Primary Activities

    Author: Carol Read Staff Room

    Excellent activities to help integrate content-based material into the Primary classroom

  • Content-based primary activity

    Author: Carol Read

    Integrate content-based learning into your Primary classroom with this excellent activity on saving water.

  • Using YouTube in CLIL lessons

    Type: Teaching notes

    A simple activity for getting students to use YouTube for CLIL purposes but without the need for any recording in class!

  • Using Video in the CLIL Classroom

    Keith Kelly gives tips on using transcripts with video clips (and adding subtitles to video) as well as a quick step-by-step guide to inserting subtitles into film using Movie Maker.

  • Teaching tips: Using video in the classroom

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Article Staff Room

    Keith Kelly provides us with some useful tips and practical ideas for using video in the classroom.

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