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Young Learners: Classroom management

This section contains everything you need to know about setting up your Young Learner classroom, managing your class, and getting through the first day.

Classroom management articles

  • The first day

    Staff Room

    An article outlining the potential pitfalls which can occur on the first day, and a selection of practical activities to use in class on the first day.

  • Classroom layout

    Suggestions for different classroom layouts, and the advantages and disadvantages of using each.

  • Managing children positively

    Author: Carol Read Type: Article Staff Room

    Carol Read offers some key pointers for teaching young learners.

  • Mixed-ability classes

    Author: Alex Case Type: Article, Reference material Staff Room

    Alex Case addresses the difficulties faced by teachers whose young learners have very different levels of English.

  • Behaviour management

    Staff Room

    An article by Alex Case, showing you some ways to predict, understand, reduce and react to bad behaviour in the classroom.

  • Teaching large classes

    Staff Room

    Alex Case offers tips and suggestions for teaching (very) large classes.

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