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Needs analysis

Type: Reference material

Articles, lesson plans and worksheets to help you assess the needs of your business English students.

Needs analysis resources

  • Business needs analysis: What is a needs analysis?

    Author: Alex Case Type: Reference material

    What is a needs analysis? Alex Case explains all, offering tips on how to design and conduct one for your business English students.

  • Business needs analysis: What questions should I ask?

    Author: Alex Case Type: Reference material

    Unsure what questions to ask your students when designing a needs analysis, or short on time and would like a list of suggestions? Alex Case offers a short list of questions you can use when conducting a needs analysis.

  • Business needs analysis: What type of form should I use?

    Author: Alex Case Type: Reference material

    Alex Case offers three different needs analysis forms for you to print and use, as well as suggesting how and when they could be used.

  • Business needs analysis: Negotiating a syllabus

    Author: Alex Case Type: Reference material

    A lesson by Alex Case that you can use with a new class as part of conducting a needs analysis. In the lesson, students practise the language of negotiating and presenting conclusions, whilst also thinking about what they would like to do in class.

  • Talking business

    Author: Alex Case Type: Article Staff Room

    In this article taken from ENGLISH TEACHING professional magazine, Alex Case discusses the importance of teaching pronunciation to Business English students.

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